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Maureen Brown Speaks on Cross-Cultural Mentoring in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen was a long time ago in news years—eight months to be exact. But we are taking the opportunity to use our new web site to bring you video clips of the presentation. The most memorable message from presenting at KVINFO’s international conference was the common concern among countries around the world to create inclusive environments for and leverage the power of diversity—in this case racial and cultural diversity—as an asset. Delegates from Australia, to Morocco; Czech Republic to Canada; Austria to Iceland shared their experience of growing racial, cultural and religious diversity and their tough fight against bigotry and exclusion.

For many, Denmark’s KVINFO included, mentoring into jobs and civic participation is a key strategy to integrate new immigrants and to leverage the skills they bring. But, as Maureen’s research and presentation showed, mentoring between different races, religions and cultures opens up a whole new set of challenges for the mentor, protégé and mentoring organization.

Video of Maureen Brown’s Presentation from KVINFO’s international conference on”Mentoring & Networking”

The Power Of Cultural Glasses
Presented by Maureen Brown, DiversityTrainersPlus.

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