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The Big “R”: Understanding Race and Racism

The Big “R”: Understanding Race and Racism

“What is racism?” “What causes it?” “How do I recognize and address it in my environment?” “What about reverse racism?” “Are a few harmless jokes racism?” These are just a few of the questions people ask during this thought-provoking workshop. The topic of Race is a challenging one and this workshop handles it with a mixture of forthrightness and sensitivity. You explore: race in the dynamics of diversity in your environment; the slippery slope from stereotypes to racism; the power of building bridges of empathy ; and, the communication filter zone™ , its inhabitants and its effect on relationships. Participants leave with solid ideas on how to make their environment more inclusive.
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Ideal for: Staff at all levels

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"You came to this organization at the right time. I was beginning to feel I needed the proper skill to address some issues at work. Now I feel very empowered to go ahead and do so. I will start with an honest conversation."
 Women’s Centre, Toronto

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