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Diversity Management Boot Camps

These workshops are designed with one purpose in mind—problem-solving. This is why we call them boot camps…because participants don’t just talk about diversity… they put knowledge to work. Participants receive leading edge industry information and they apply tools provided to diversity challenges in their own environments. (We ask you to bring your challenge to the Boot Camp). The Boot Camps are intense, interactive and created to elicit multiple possible solutions to diversity challenges.


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Participants’ Workshop Evaluation Comments, Diversity Management Boot Camp – Recruiting & Hiring From A Diverse Talent Pool, Decemeber 2010

“Excellent workshop! The approach to the topic was important. Great for all types of organizations. Very inclusive, reflective and motivational.”
Dr. Fae Samuels, Founder, Conflict Resolution Services

“Touched on key points that are critical for organizations (that) plan on being successful. To ignore this advice is a loss on so many fronts. Embrace it and it will be a win.”
Debra Pickfield, ThinkSpot

“I thoroughly enjoyed the boot camp materials and look forward to taking what I have learned back to my organization”.
Name withheld, Police Service

“Great Boot Camp! It addresses the elephant that sits on the table—the one that we as an organization are not too comfortable to discuss…”
Name Witheld

“Thank you Maureen. Your large degree of knowledge and professionalism made the day a success! I will take back many ideas to our organization”.
Yolanda Fitzpatrick, JUMP/Techelectric Automation Inc.

“Very informative session with practical tools to implement at my organization”.
College HR Specialist

“Very informative, lots of resources and connections to utilize in my workplace”.
Rosy Montini, YWCA Hamilton

‘Great workshop! Very helpful and I can’t wait to share this information with my co-workers. Thanks!’
Candice Hodgson, East York East Toronto Family Resources

“Great workshop…would recommend it to employers we work with. Great lens to (with which to) look at your organization. We think we’re diverse in our hiring practices but it’s important to continuously look at ourselves and our practices.”
Name Withheld, employment placement service

Participants’ Workshop Evaluation Comments, Diversity Management Boot Camp, April 22, 2010

‘This Boot Camp has left me very empowered. My thought pattern has been challenged. I have thoroughly enjoyed this workshop—very thoroughly constructed and presented.”

“Workshop served ton build your cultural competence through the use of tools…creative and impactful…delivery engaging and inclusive…thorough and well-researched data…”

“Excellent session, great approach…(got) straight to the issue.”

“My eyes were opened wide…content was great…assignments were challenging”.

“Very informative and engaging. Wished we had more time!”

“Sparked new ideas and thoughts…found the tools/games very useful.”

“Very Practical.”

“Well done! Good use of my time.”

“I recommend this training to everyone in all types of organizations. The tools are very useful”.

A Few Words From Our Clients

"You came to this organization at the right time. I was beginning to feel I needed the proper skill to address some issues at work. Now I feel very empowered to go ahead and do so. I will start with an honest conversation."
 Women’s Centre, Toronto

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