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Employment Equity to Inclusion: Turning Legislation into Business Opportunity

From Employment Equity to Inclusion: Turning Legislation into Business Opportunity

If your organization falls under the Canadian Employment Equity Act, this workshop is for you. It explores how employment equity fits into the bigger picture of workplace diversity and inclusiveness and how your legislation-driven activities can lead to tangible business benefits. In other words, your EE checklist can strengthen, for example, participation, teamwork, HR practices, management, community goodwill and product awareness.

You leave with a tool to put your ideas into action.

Ideal for: Diversity practitioners, HR practitioners, any one seeking buy-in for the `business case’ and organizations that fall under the federal employment equity legislation.

To learn more about this workshop or to arrange for us to deliver it in your organization, contact us.

Words From Our Clients

“A very good presentation…I enjoyed it a lot!”

“Well presented…Facilitator had a nice way of sharing information”

“Trainer was very knowledgeable…explained concepts well”

“Well presented… Excellent… I enjoyed this!”

“Very useful …in light of the changes happening around the world.”
 Senior Leadership Group
Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto

A Few Words From Our Clients

"You came to this organization at the right time. I was beginning to feel I needed the proper skill to address some issues at work. Now I feel very empowered to go ahead and do so. I will start with an honest conversation."
 Women’s Centre, Toronto

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