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Diversity Management Game Kit Coming Soon

DiversityTrainersPlus has developed three games that can serve as powerful tools to advance communication in a diverse environment. As anyone knows who has ever managed, trained or interacted across diversity lines, one of the toughest challenges is to successfully navigate tough or delicate issues in a way that brings more than a one-sided, superficial solution. The Bridges of Empathy Diversity Game™ guides players tapping into the power of empathy to problem-solve and build relationships. CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE—The Game™ strengthens cross-cultural communication in three steps: Think; Feel; Act. What’s in the Zone?™ allows players to explore factors that may

be affecting relationships, for example fear, ignorance, privilege or history.

Using props such as Popsicle stick people, bingo chips and blocks, the games are designed as fun, non-threatening, effective conversation starters, particularly around difficult topics.

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"Guiding a collection of politicians with varying agendas is no easy feat and sometimes, even impossible. With your non-confrontational approach and gentle focus on sensitivity training, you were able to provide us with the necessary tools going forward…Your moderate approach and subtle grace impressed the group, and I am most grateful for the positive result achieved. I would highly recommend DiversityTrainersPlus to any municipality, organization, or business."
City of Hamilton, Canada

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