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Diversity Action Planning (V2A™)

Vision to Action: A Diversity Action Planning Program

This program offers you two ways to take advantage of our extensive experience in diversity planning:

  • A 12-month training and implementation program for in-house practitioners
  • Hands-on development of your Plan from start to finish

Vision to Action takes you from having diversity and inclusion as a vision, to making it an operational reality.

  • assess your need
  • engage leadership and management
  • develop strategies to secure buy-in from key organizational, client or community interests
  • develop an Action Plan linked to organizational priorities and needs

The difference between the two programs is your preference to ‘Do It Yourself’ with our support or, to have us do the work for you, with your input and support.

Vision to Action: A 12-month Diversity Planning Program for In-house Practitioners

This unique and exciting program is designed for individuals with responsibility to develop a diversity/inclusion action plan or strategy for their organization. Through a combination of in-class instruction, web-based learning, group projects and hands-on involvement by a DTP consultant, practitioners receive step-by-step guidance and support in developing and rolling out their plan. Bonus? The learning, the tools and the savings remain with you!

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Vision to Action: A Strategic Plan to Build Inclusion

Sometimes an organization needs fresh eyes and an objective outsider to work through the challenges of developing a diversity Plan. This all-inclusive service allows you to do just that, by taking advantage of our expertise in diversity, equity and inclusion planning. We begin with a comprehensive needs analysis featuring trends, literature review, industry practices, demographics and stakeholder/client group feedback. Then, using our proprietary layering program, we develop a clear, thorough, comprehensive Plan, complete with tools, strategies, frameworks and how-to information. Your package also includes in-house presentations and other direct involvement by a DiversityTrainersPlus consultant. Here’s the bonus: while we save you the trouble (and expense) of deploying staff full-time to develop and roll-out your Plan,  we build your own internal capacity and knowledge base as part of working with your organization!

A Few Words From Our Clients

"Maureen Brown (of DiversityTrainersPlus) has a talent for engaging audiences by ensuring that she has an understanding of both the key business issues and personal interests held by stakeholders. By doing so she was able to navigate key challenges…and maintain the momentum of the project. The strength of her credibility…enabled her to navigate any of the challenges that arose."
 Human Resources Manager
Town of Markham

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