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Summer Diversity Challenge

Your organization has instituted a mentoring program in an effort to boost the number of women in management. The organization sends out an open invitation to all management but you notice that women members of the management team are visibly absent from the mentor list. What factors would you consider in explaining this result?

Possibility #1: The women managers do not feel qualified to take on this task
Possibility #2: The women managers do not trust the organization’s intentions
Possibility #3: The women managers worry that they will be displaced by new rivals
(a.k.a. ‘Queen Bee Syndrome’)
Possibility #4: The women managers deep down feel resentful of the opportunities being ‘handed’ to others that they themselves did not have
Possibility #5: The pool of women managers was too small

Tell us which possibility/possibilities you would act on. Leave a reply comment below with your answer:

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"Guiding a collection of politicians with varying agendas is no easy feat and sometimes, even impossible. With your non-confrontational approach and gentle focus on sensitivity training, you were able to provide us with the necessary tools going forward…Your moderate approach and subtle grace impressed the group, and I am most grateful for the positive result achieved. I would highly recommend DiversityTrainersPlus to any municipality, organization, or business."
City of Hamilton, Canada

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