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Guiding Change: A Diversity Workshop for In-House Trainers

Guiding Change: A Diversity Workshop for In-House Trainers

Offered at intervals throughout the year, the sessions bring together trainers and educators who have purchased our Train-the-Trainers kits on Religion, Communication and Race/Racism in a Diverse Workplace. The kits feature ready-to-use training materials for in-house educators. On Day 1 participants explore general topics such as: understanding their training context; preparing their organization for change; knowing the limits of diversity training; and, handling resistance. On Day 2 participants test-drive materials from the kits and begin customizing them for their own needs. The workshop and the kits are an excellent way to jump-start your organization’s discussion on diversity; to build on the change process that has already started and explore specific areas of diversity.

Ideal for: In-house diversity practitioners; HR personnel; trainer/educators or others responsible for staff education.

To learn more about this workshop or to arrange for us to deliver it in your organization, contact us.

A Few Words From Our Clients

"Guiding a collection of politicians with varying agendas is no easy feat and sometimes, even impossible. With your non-confrontational approach and gentle focus on sensitivity training, you were able to provide us with the necessary tools going forward…Your moderate approach and subtle grace impressed the group, and I am most grateful for the positive result achieved. I would highly recommend DiversityTrainersPlus to any municipality, organization, or business."
City of Hamilton, Canada

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