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Building Competence to Serve a Diverse Clientele

Building Competence to Serve a Diverse Clientele

A practical, competency-based series that takes leaders, management and staff from `diversity 101’—basic understanding of attitudes, biases and appropriate/inappropriate behaviors—to developing individual, team and department strategies in support of corporate diversity commitments. The course’s modular format builds competency at different levels, depending on participants’ areas of responsibility and serves as foundation for other levels (or layers) of training. Content draws on the organization’s vision, mission, policies, public commitments, business objectives and diversity assessment—internally and/or among client groups. The modules root competency and skill acquisition in personal awareness and accountability.
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Ideal For: All Staff (Modules 1 and 2), Management and Senior Management/Leadership

A Few Words From Our Clients

"Guiding a collection of politicians with varying agendas is no easy feat and sometimes, even impossible. With your non-confrontational approach and gentle focus on sensitivity training, you were able to provide us with the necessary tools going forward…Your moderate approach and subtle grace impressed the group, and I am most grateful for the positive result achieved. I would highly recommend DiversityTrainersPlus to any municipality, organization, or business."
City of Hamilton, Canada

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