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Our workshops are designed to inspire leaders, equip managers and educate staff on how to serve, reflect and do business in a diverse environment.

Training is a key component in creating an equitable, inclusive environment. DTP offers a full suite of workshops and courses for leaders, management, staff and volunteers. Diversity is a sensitive topic and while we do not shy away from tough issues, we strive to live by our own motto: create safe space for honest conversation. To do this we use interactive tools and activities from case studies to drama. At the same time we strive to make our workshops practical, providing take-away tools and templates for immediate use.

Depending on your need we can either customize an existing program or develop an entirely new one that suits you individually. Customization is a powerful way to ensure that training is targeted to your own diversity needs. Our custom-designed workshops include a training report to help you decide on next steps or on how to extend workshop benefits throughout your organization after the workshop ends.

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Words From Our Clients

"Guiding a collection of politicians with varying agendas is no easy feat and sometimes, even impossible. With your non-confrontational approach and gentle focus on sensitivity training, you were able to provide us with the necessary tools going forward…Your moderate approach and subtle grace impressed the group, and I am most grateful for the positive result achieved. I would highly recommend DiversityTrainersPlus to any municipality, organization, or business."
City of Hamilton, Canada

A Few Words From Our Clients

"You came to this organization at the right time. I was beginning to feel I needed the proper skill to address some issues at work. Now I feel very empowered to go ahead and do so. I will start with an honest conversation."
 Women’s Centre, Toronto

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