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New DiversityTrainersPlus Strategic Partners

We are excited to welcome on board three new strategic partners. Our partners’ HR, strategic planning and language communication expertise provide added tools to embed diversity planning in solid business processes.

Royal TDI Global Inc. (TDI Global) specializes in performance management, leadership development and building high performance operations. DTP will partner with TDI Global on the ‘Systems’ side of diversity management, to link diversity action plans directly to clients’ overall strategic process, day-to-day operations and service priorities. We will also utilize TDI Global’s performance management systems to bring our clients recruitment and management tools being used in different parts of the world to manage diverse workforces.
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Bjornson & Associates specialize in talent acquisition, talent management and employee engagement. DTP will partner with Bjornson on the People side of diversity management, particularly in training and development. The partnership will allow DTP to offer a wider array of workshops that target specific aspects of diversity management, such as recruitment techniques, interviewing skills reducing turnover and engaging diverse staff.

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Gandy Associates are English language communication specialists. They specialize in developing high-level language and business communication skills in individuals for whom English is not their first language. Beyond simply teaching English, Gandy training is geared to enhancing productivity, customer contact and career opportunities. Partnering with Gandy allows DTP to enrich cultural competence or cross-cultural communication training through strengthened language skills.

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Partnering with TDI Global, Bjornson and Gandy is DTP’s next step in taking clients through the nuts and bolts of diversity management, equipping them to make diversity an asset!

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A Few Words From Our Clients

"Maureen Brown (of DiversityTrainersPlus) has a talent for engaging audiences by ensuring that she has an understanding of both the key business issues and personal interests held by stakeholders. By doing so she was able to navigate key challenges…and maintain the momentum of the project. The strength of her credibility…enabled her to navigate any of the challenges that arose."
 Human Resources Manager
Town of Markham

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