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Human Rights and Anti-Harassment Workshops

Our Human Rights program offers two workshops, both customizable to your own needs.
Human Rights 101

This half-day course offers basic information you will find useful in upholding the Ontario Human Rights Code. The first half focuses on core knowledge of the Code and on rights and responsibilities. In the second half we apply the learning to a particular ground or grounds that present the most challenge to you. We also look at strategies for upholding the Code.

The course can extend to full day with a special module for Managers and Supervisors.

To learn more about this workshop or to arrange for us to deliver it in your organization, contact us.

The Human Rights Code and Your Business

This full day workshop gives you tools to address harassment challenges in your work, service or volunteer environment. The workshop is founded on the Preamble of the Ontario Human Rights Code, which states Ontario’s public policy of “(recognizing) the dignity and worth of every person and …(providing) for equal rights and opportunities without discrimination”. The Code’s own aim of creating “a climate of understanding and mutual respect…(where) each person feels a part of the community and able to contribute fully…” also features prominently.

  • What happens in the workplace when people experience respect for their “dignity and worth”?
  • How does respect for one’s diversity affect their productivity and willingness to go the extra mile?
  • How does an employer benefit when hiring practices are based on “equal rights and opportunities without discrimination”?
  • How could a “climate of understanding and mutual respect” encourage repeat business?

This workshop goes beyond showing how to fend off human rights complaints and gives practical tools and advice on how to draw on the Ontario Human Rights Code as a positive business tool.

You leave the workshop with tools to put your answers into action.

To learn more about this workshop or to arrange for us to deliver it in your organization, contact us.

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"You came to this organization at the right time. I was beginning to feel I needed the proper skill to address some issues at work. Now I feel very empowered to go ahead and do so. I will start with an honest conversation."
 Women’s Centre, Toronto

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