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DiversityTrainersPlus takes you through the nuts and bolts of diversity management: assessing needs, planning strategically, training, putting your plan into action, equipping you with resources and sustaining your plan over the long haul and . We support your current initiative through our ASTI™ program or we build your diversity action plan from scratch through our V2A™ Vision to Action program. Becoming inclusive is a journey…

We show you the path.

Everyone has a role to play in building a successful organization. And ‘everyone’ includes those who are ‘different’ because of characteristics such as background, physical qualities, gender, religion, race and age. An inclusive work or service environment builds commitment, creativity, problem solving, productivity and profit. Further, it generates repeat business because people like to buy or seek service where they feel understood and appreciated. An inclusive fundraising or volunteer program taps into new donor sources. Inclusion brings out the best in everyone…We show you how! Read more

We take you from knowing to doing.

We know you want more than just a theoretical understanding of issues such as diversity, cultural competence and inclusion…You want practical steps on how to put them to work. Our ASTI™ (Assessment, Strategic Planning, Training, Implementation) and V2A™ Vision to Action programs take you beyond knowing to doing. You start with a vision—your ‘North Star’—and you end with a plan and as little or as much hands-on support as you need to put it into action. Read more

We give you the tools.

We want to be your consultants of choice…but equally important we want to build your in-house capability to continue long after we are gone. That’s why we create tools such as manuals, guides, fact sheets, current practice reports, train-the-trainer programs, online resources and other supports for your diversity plan or strategy. We can build your own custom-designed materials, or you can purchase in our Tool Shop.
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A Few Words From Our Clients

"Maureen Brown (of DiversityTrainersPlus) has a talent for engaging audiences by ensuring that she has an understanding of both the key business issues and personal interests held by stakeholders. By doing so she was able to navigate key challenges…and maintain the momentum of the project. The strength of her credibility…enabled her to navigate any of the challenges that arose."
 Human Resources Manager
Town of Markham

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